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Check out these songs & this special sound piece with ancestors

Lider bukh: a sound collage by Marilyn Lerner

voice - Adrienne Cooper;

guitar - Avi Fox Rosen;

piano - Marilyn Lerner

Based on a poem by Meir Kharatz, music by Fima Chorny.  The sequence of voices are my grandfather, Sol Barach, chanting a passage from the Yom Kippur Musaf, my grandmother, Sarah Barach, singing a variant of Sholem Aleichem's lullabye, and my mother, Buni Cooper, singing a Russian song, Spiribyoni, taught to her by her mother. My grandparents and mother were recorded in 1949 by my father, Emanuel Cooper, on a wax disc recorder, later transferred to tape. The child's voice heard intermittently in the back ground is me.

A Lider Bukh

Gute Vokh

Gefilte Fish

Bekhers Mit Vayn

Harbst Lid

CD RELEASE EVENT. Adrienne Cooper’s

Enchanted: A New Generation of Yiddishsong

If you think you know what to expect when you hear the words “Yiddish song,” you’re in for a shock with the release of Adrienne Cooper’s new CD “Enchanted.”  With “Enchanted,” Cooper has launched a fantastic exploration of the emotional and textural possibilities that Yiddish song can provide; from deeply traditional acapella passages to jazz ballads, from pop to multi-layered big-band arrangements ala Spike Jones. Newly issued on West Coast World Music label  Golden Horn, the CD features arrangements by new klezmer sensation Michael Winograd and free improvisations by Canadian  jazz great, pianist Marilyn Lerner and Klezmatics’ leader and trumpeter Frank London, all underpinned by the drum work of Kenny Wolleson.  At Drom Cooper will be joined by a stellar 8-piece band of luminaries in the klezmer, Yiddish, Jazz and even Irish scenes including Marilyn Lerner (piano) Mike Winograd (clarinet), Benjy Fox-Rosen (bass), Avi Fox-Rosen (guitar), Patrick Farrell, (accordion), Chris Berry (drums), Jon Singer (marimba), Ben Holmes (trumpet), and Sarah Mina Gordon (back-up vocals).

Cooper stands at the forefront of the modernization of the Yiddish scene and here half the songs are new works – products of a contemporary Yiddish songwriting revival; the songs that are drawn from traditional folk and music theater are re-imagined, restyled and a revelation.  It’s as if Cooper peeled away the layers of Yiddish so far, revealing a core and adding that to a cultural mix that retains the essence of Yiddish style, infused with flavors that enhance it’s emotionality and range, making it finally a world music.

Saturday, November 6th 8 pm @ DROM  85 Avenue A (between 5th St. and 6th St.) 212-777-1157. Door:  $15, Students:  $10

CONTACT:  917.312-5585

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